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Dirty Cars Wanted - FALL OUT REMOVER

£10.00 GBP

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This highly concentrated fall out remover will dissolve any
metal based fallout that may be found on paintwork, trim
or glass surfaces. It will generally remove all fallout from a
vehicle, although occasionally you might need to use clay
to remove stubborn bits, depending on the age and extent
of the fallout.


Thoroughly wash the area with a car soap
solution. Rinse thoroughly and while the surface is still
wet, liberally apply the product with sponge. Leave to dwell
for up to 3 minutes, misting it continually with water, then
rinse off well with copious amounts of cold water. Work on
one section at a time to avoid the risk of drying out.
Re-apply the car soap solution and re-rinse. Do not allow
fall out remover to dry on surfaces. Do not apply in direct
sunlight or apply on warm/hot surfaces. Always test
compatibility on a small hidden area prior to use. 

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